V-AR 7,62 x 51 mm

The V-AR has the perfect ergonomics
and controls of an AR15 type weapon.



The V-AR self-loading shotgun has the perfect ergonomics and controls of AR15-type weapons, but it is equipped with a piston mechanism with automatic pressure regulation, thanks to which there is no contamination and heating of the shutter mechanism and the internal spaces of the frame, and therefore this system is almost maintenance-free. Furthermore, the system guarantees reliability and simplicity of the internal layout.


  • Self-loading rifle V-AR
  • Caliber

    7,62x51mm NATO

  • Operating principle

    Gas Piston

  • Buttstock


  • Weapon Lenght

    873 mm

  • Barrel lenght

    390 mm / 14,5"

  • Weapon weight

    4,28 kg

  • Firing Mode

    0 – 1 – 30