PZD 762

The PZD 762 machine gun is a fully automatic weapon that provides
crucial fire support for team or operator.

PZD 556


It is carried and operated by single operator, and when needed can be mounted in mil-spec cradles and perform a limited range of tasks as a universal machine gun. The weapon fires from an open bolt, the breech is locked by the rotating bolt and unlocked by a screw slide, which is carried to the rear by the action of the piston carrier which is pushed by the propellant gases.

We offer fully customized program for PZD 762 machine gun that meets needs across various mission scenarios while using standardized versatile weapons accessories to increase operator survivability and lethality by enhanced features.

As an OEM of PZD 762 we guarantee that our manufacturing and quality program fulfills and satisfies every requirement for every mission


  • Caliber

    7,62x51 mm NATO

  • Operating principle

    short-stroke gas piston

  • Buttstock


  • Weapon Lenght

    930 mm – 1010,4 mm

  • Barrel lenght

    407 mm / 16"

  • Weapon weight

    7,7 kg / 16,97 lb

  • Weapon width

    233 mm / 9,17 in

  • Firing mode

    fully automatic

  • Rate of fire

    800 rds / m

  • Effective range

    700 – 850 m

  • Maximum range

    3500 m