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    The portfolio of DSS a.s. for the commercial market consists mainly of small arms and ammunition developed in cooperation with a traditional weapons manufacturer in Czech Republic.

    After the break-up of communist Czechoslovakia in 1989 and the opening of a free market for international trade, the Czech Republic ranks among the top 10 global arms exporters.


    DSS a.s. is a Czech Republic based company  with a long tradition in international trade in military equipment and in commercial arms and ammunition market.


    Based on the constantly evolving military and civilian markets, and mainly in response to user feedback, we have developed pistols, rifles and ammunition, combining years-proven platforms with modern developments. By using new materials and advanced technologies, we have achieved greater durability, accuracy and compatibility with our portfolio than similar products in the same market segment.

    Our goal is to build on the extensive armament industry created in the Czech lands during the Austro-Hungarian Empire in the mid-19th century and followed by Czechoslovakia in the period between World Wars, when Czechoslovakia was one of the leading players in the world armaments market.

    We have vast experience with delivering infantry weapons and ammunition to L/E, armed forces, and special forces that are fighting global terrorism and thereby helping to ensure global security. To our commercial customers supply civilian versions of our military weapons.

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