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    DSS Transportation a.s. 

    DSS Transportation a.s. is subsidiary of the DSS a.s.  DSS Transportation a.s. specializes in licensing, customs, freight forwarding and other operations related to shipping.



    DSS a.s. is exporter of  full automatic V-AR-15 developed and made by the best  gunsmith Pavel Vosátka from Czech Republic. Company Pavel Vosátka is operating on the market since 2006. From the beginning of its existence, the company has specialized in the production of semi-automatic or full-automatic rifles V-AR. All components and parts (excluding barrels and plastic accessories – stocks and grips) are produced by the company itself and also all componets are machined of a high quality aerospace aluminium alloy on CNC machines.


    GetLoad s.r.o.

    DSS a.s. is exporter from Czech Republic to all the world. GetLoad s.r.o. is manufacturer of ammunition cal. 9x19mm, 7,62x39mm and 5,56x45mm ( .223) based in Prague, Czech Republic.


    LOM Praha a.s. 

    DSS a.s. cooperates with LOM Praha a.s. on the filed of special treatments and finishes for various materials . LOM PRAHA s.p. is the leading state company specializing on the Mi helicopters lifecycle support in the NATO and EU countries certified by the Russian MVZ Mil and OAO Klimov companies, the Interstate Aviation Committee MAK and domestic aviation authorities. Unlike many competitors, we can offer comprehensive services associated with overhauls, i.e. a complex support of the aviation technology lifecycle. Our experienced staff, utilization of advanced technologies and emphasis on top quality can be considered our greatest competitive advantage.


    VTÚ s.p.

    DSS a.s. cooperates with VTÚ ( The Military Technical Institute )  on certification and testing of DSS’s products. The Military Technical Institute is a state enterprise established by the Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic. Through its activities, the institute maintains and further develops the Czech Republic’s strategic know-how in the area of defense and security research and development of armament, ammunition, ground vehicles, unmanned aerial vehicles, aircraft on-board equipment, radiotechnical equipment and aerodrome support equipment, simulators, communication systems and associated testing, verification and certification procedures. The institute implements projects for both domestic and foreign customers. The Military Technical Institute plays an exceptional role in the security and safety environment. It is one of the largest institutes engaged in defense and security research and development in the European Union.


    Czech Export Bank 

    Czech Export Bank helps to fund DSS’s export by various financial instruments. Česká exportní banka, a.s. (Czech Export Bank; “ČEB”) is a specialised, directly and indirectly state-owned banking institution. Established in 1995, it forms one of the pillars of the government’s pro-export policy system.ČEB’s mission is to support Czech exports and the renown of the Czech Republic as a well-established international exporter, and thus promote the overall competitiveness of Czech products throughout the world.

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