Technical specification

Caliber7,62×54 mm
OperationGas Operated,

Open Bolt

Cartridge7,62x54mm LPS(Ball),



Weapon weight (empty)9,5 kg
Weapon weight (with fabric magazine with 100rds )12,2 kg
Weapon length (extended stock)963 mm
Weapon length (retraced stock)880 mm
Barrel length605 mm
Muzzle velocity825 m/sec
Rate of fire700-750 rds/min
Effective firing range1.000 m
Maximum firing range3.800 m
Sighting range1.500 m

PKM-TM (Tactical Modernized)

The request for NEW 7,62×54 mm Machine Gun originally came from the CZ Air Force door gunners allowing them to more easily manevuer in helicopters and attach various day and night optical sights for wider use especially during the night operations, this CZ modernization proven itself in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Main features:

  • Made to order collapsible M4 Style buttstock adjusted for machine guns developed in Czech Republic
  • Top cover with MIL STD 1913 RAIL
  • Gas tube with MIL STD 1913 RAIL
  • Lightened ammo cans