PZD 556

Caliber5,56 X 45 NATO
Length882 – 959 mm
Barrel Length349 mm
Width117 mm
Height227 mm
Weight7,1 Kg
Rate of Fire850 rds / min
Muzzle Velocity930 m/s
Effective Range1200m
Maximum Range3600m

Multi-purpose Machine gun PZD 556


We were driven with passion to continue the legacy of Czech machine guns manufacturing, once well recognized by the whole world, which evolved into new PZD 556 which combines decades of czech knowledge, technologies and modern approach in weapons manufacturing. PZD 556 light machine gun is open bolt gas operated automatic weapon designed for direct fire and support. It is carried and operated by single operator and if necessary can be mounted on MIL SPEC mounts as supportive universal machine gun.

Our system  gives warfighters fire superiority whenever it’s needed on any battlefield.

As we understand that lives of those who defend freedom and peace around the world we strive for excellence delivered in every our product.