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AKM platform

AKM-TM Mod.2

Caliber7.62×39 mm
OperationGas Operated
Firing ModeSelect Fire or Semi-auto only
Weight7,5 lbs (3,4 kg)
Length34,6″ (880 mm)/ 37,9″ (963 mm)
Barrel Length16,3″ (415mm)
Muzzle ThreadM14X1-L
Trigger Pull4,4 lbs (2 kg)
Effective Range500 m
Rate of Fire L/E, Military700 RPM
Magazine Capacity30 Rd


DSS is proud to present it’s own version of battle proven AK system in both semi auto and fully auto version.

Our variants :

AKM-TM Mod.1 – Classic AKM with M4’s stock and quadrail handguard

MINI AKM-TM – AKM-TM Mod.2 with short barrel

MICRO AKM-TM – AKM-TM Mod.2 with short barrel and side folding stock

AKM Polymer – Classic AKM with polymer elements

AKM – Classic AKM with wooden elements

Other variants upon request.