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    ARS M4’s

    The individual purpose and way of using a weapon requires an individual approach to selecting the individual components of which it is composed. It is possible to choose between a medium-heavy barrel with excellent rigidity or a lightweight version if you prefer lower weight and high mobility comfort. The gas system available in two lengths is outstanding. For barrels in lengths 10.5 “-14.5”, we use Carbine length. For barrels in lengths 16.5 “and 18” the distance from the chamber to gas hole is 2 inches longer – Mid length, to keep full increase of the speed of the bullet and thus increasing long-range stability and accuracy. Long barrel with short gas hole distance just does not make sense. Depending on the purpose, the muzzle device is selected. The rifle is equipped with a muzzle device with the maximum effect of the VULCAN series. To reduce the weight of the weapon we also developed the MICRO series.

    • Gas piston operated
    • Ambidextrous safety selector with the possibility to change the length of the lever
    • Ambidextrous magazine release
    • Ambidextrous charging handle
    • Magazine release buttons protected on both sides against unwanted magazine release when carried on the strap
    • Bolt catch Integrated also on the right side for easy control by index finger
    • Free Float Handguard
    • Barrel completely treated with Salt Bath Nitriding technology for long life and rust protection
    • Upper receiver and lower receiver made of aircraft-grade AW7075-T6 aluminum
    • Mil-Spec Type III Hard coat anodized finish
    • The weapon is equipped with a forward assist and dust cover
    • Adjustable gas regulator in 3 positions, Universal for all cartridges, Powerless for using bad low quality ammunition or in extremely low temperatures and for using with
    • Suppressor
    • Cleaning the piston without removing the handguard
    • Removing and installing handguard without any tools, only by using a cartridge
    • Regulator secured against unwanted rotation to disassembly position
    • Parts of piston mechanism made of tool steels
    • Bolt carrier designed for high reliability under difficult conditions
    • Charging handle shaped for reliable grip while loading
    • Currently delivered with adjustable MIL-Spec CTR stock and Magpul MOE with storage core capability
    • Enhanced 3-prong flash hider with maximum efficiency, silencer mounting ready
    • Maximum efficiency muzzle brake with, silencer mounting ready
    • All types of muzzle devices are made of hardened stainless steel and treated with Salt Bath Nitriding technology for long life and rust protection

    The handguards meet the standards of the so-called free float handguards and are designed as a tactical carriers and also serve as a solid and reliable grips. They are fixed to the barrel nut and allow it to oscillate freely. They are made of hardened aluminum and coated with a thick layer of hard anodizing, even when delivered in CERAKOTE® coating. For the purpose of attaching accessories, it is possible to choose between a standardized rail system STANAG 4694 NATO (PICATINNY 1913 compatible) or M-Lock slots combined with a NATO top rail. User comfort is enhanced by consistent beveling and rounding of sharp edges. It also significantly extends the life and reliability of repetitive clamping of tactical accessories. Rounded and bevelled edges can withstand friction and mechanical loads far better. It is also important that both the weapon and its components keep a new look for as long as possible.


    ARS M4’s 10,5“ Barrel Length

    ARS M4’s 12,5“ Barrel Length

    ARS M4’s 14,5“ Barrel Length

    ARS M4’s 16,5“ Barrel Length

    ARS M4’s 18,5“ Barrel Length

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